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So I’m uninspired… :P

Sunday April 2, 2006

Yes, I've decided to reopen a blog that, like the name suggests, will mostly be automotive stuff as I am a car freak. However, it will not only be about car stuff as I am also more than a simple car freak. Despite the admittedly weak title however, the automotive section will not be centered around Ford. The whole "Life in [D]" was merely all that I could think of titling this that was somewhat relevant and wouldn't make anyone I know scream "RIPOFF!!!" due to someone else I know having used something similar anywhere at any time.So I wasn't able to dream up anything breakthrough as a title to my blog. While some say that inspiration comes standard (or automatically) and that I probably should've waited for New doors to open, I didn't feel like sitting there for hours on end waiting for something to finally pop-up in my head.

Anywho, I shall return shortly with something interesting, or so I hope, to post on here.

Until then, go to your favourite automotive forum and post 1000 random pictures of your car or something.

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