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Challenger Is a Go

Friday June 30, 2006

Sometime during tomorrow’s Nascar race at Daytona, DaimlerChrysler’s Chrysler group is expected to have quite the big announcement for Mopar fans everywhere. After many years out of the “muscle car” segment and without any real competition for the likes of the Mustang or Camaro (before its own demise in the late 90s, that is), Chrysler will answer the prayers of many eager fans.

The big announcement in question? The Challenger, essentially a Charger coupe, will be green-lighted for production to hit the lots sometime next year!

The Challenger will be an LX-based coupe, sharing underpinnings with the 300/300C, Magnum and Charger and will hopefully be another home run for Chrysler. Only time will tell and much probably depends on where Ford takes the Mustang over the next years as well as how Chevrolet pulls off their return of the Camaro.

Could this be a return to the 70s and a healthy rivalry between the big three, just like the old days? I guess we shall see…

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