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Not Only Bold, but Blunt to Boot!

Monday July 3, 2006

Note : Pardon my tardiness on covering Episode One, I unfortunately had other things to tend to and had to leave Bold Moves on the back-burner for a couple of days. However, I have now returned for an analysis of the first episode, as most of the other article on the subject was about Prologue and the Bold Moves documentary itself, and I merely touched on the subject of it.

The first episode of their web-documentary entitled Bold Moves : The Future of Ford has this grim feel to it, as is apparent as soon as you see the big, bold title Change or Die. It’s not all bad though as they’re not only telling us how bad things are, but they also offer a view, from their perspective, of what happened as well; They tell us what they think went wrong, which goes to show that they do in fact have an idea of what they did wrong. They admit to have lost touch with what consumers want and that, when you do so, there are alternatives out there that people will turn to. Logically, we are also presented with how dire the situation is with statements such as “the auto industry is in a state of major crisis and may be completely overtaken by the Japanese” and that “this is a company that could really go down”.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of that tunnel however: they seem to have it somewhat figured out and to be, at least, pointed in the right direction. They acknowledge that the game is no longer about the big three, but the entire global industry and that they must move forward and change as necessary in order to provide the consumer with the product they want and a quality product at that.

Lets hope they can pull it off, because as is also said in the video: Who’s going to supprt America, period, once it’s all gone?

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