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Bold Moves pt. 2 : Commitement to Design

Monday July 10, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the second installment in the e-reality-TV series produced by Ford: Bold Moves: Documenting the Future of Ford. This particular episode is all about design, as the title suggests, and seems to focus on their need for some bold design and unique styling.

They suggest that every time that Ford has seen troubled times in the past, it’s design that has enabled them to pull themselves out of that rut they were stuck in, which we can’t say is entirely false. Therefore, they feel that if anything is able to save them, now that they’re on the right track, it would be to throw in some nice creative design in the mix of improved quality we’re already seeing from them.

As long as they don’t go the route of form firstdesign, where the engineering aspect of a vehicles comes in second to the aesthetic side of things, I’m sure it can’t do any harm. We’ve already seen hints of the great success this could bring them with the quite successful Fusion, for example.

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