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GM and VeraSun Expand E-85 Pact

Wednesday July 12, 2006

General Motors has expanded their pact with VeraSun Energy to try and boost availability and awareness of the alternative fuel E-85, a mixture of ethanol (85%) and gasoline (15%). They announced on Monday that they would work with Sheetz Inc. and the state of Pennsylvania in order to bring E-85 to Pittsburgh.

GM has been serving as the catalyst in many such partnerships across the US and began this particular initiative with VeraSun in February as part of their Live Green, Go Yellow E-85 promotion campaign. However, it should be noted that they’re not all talk and no action on this one. “GM already has more than two million vehicles on the road today that are capable of using E85 ethanol fuel,” said Elizabeth Lowery, GM vice president of environment and energy.

It would also appear that they are definitely attracting some attention to themselves, regardless of whether or not they will successfully push E-85 to new hights in the US. “Together with leaders like GM, our nation is meeting President Bush’s energy goals,” said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. “By investing in cleaner-burning renewable fuels made from domestic crops, we are hitting a home run for the environment, our economy, and our energy security.”

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