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Should Dr. Z be Charged For Malpractice?

Wednesday July 12, 2006

Here I was, telling everyone how great this new ad campaign from Daimler Chrysler was and how they had this great idea of using their German-American roots to their advantage by playintg the whole “best of both worlds” card on the people. However, everywhere I went, I heard people speaking of this ad campaign in a less than flattering manner and I’ve even caught some flak for my views of it. It was to the point where I thought to myself: these people can’t possibly have seen the same ads that I’ve seen can they? I was in total shock; the general reaction and how these ads were received really surprised me.

You know what? I was right, they didn’t see the same ads I did!

I’ve finally seen the actual ads aired on TV and I’ve been quite displeased to see that they were quite heavily edited from their original versions such as the one I showed you on here. Rather than tout their best of both worldsdesigns made possible through the merger, they’ve twisted it where it suddenly becomes more of a “We Germans fixed your junk and made it better in every way!” To be honest, I’m surprised they didn’t end it with Mr. Zetsche spitting on the presumably American “reporter”.

The script has gone from the original “we’ve combined the best in German and American engineering…” to a simple “better quality, better performance, better fuel economy and more safety features!”, or something to that effect.

You get the impression that they’re telling you that Chrysler has nothing to do with anything and that Daimler is the one doing all the work when that is absolutely ridiculous. What about the new six speed automatic going into the next Sebring? What about MDS in their new Hemi? What about the platform that happens to underpin the new M-Classe and GL-Classe? Did you know that the famous LX cars were going to happen before Daimler-Benz was ever in the picture? Apparently the LH platform had beem given the capability to go RWD if they ever so chose. No, of course they won’t tell you about any of these.

I’m sorry Dieter, but I’ve got to change my mind on those ads. As I’m sure you’ve heard people say while giving criticism in the past: it was a good idea, but you ruined it with poor execution.

Maybe we should Ask Dr. Z what Daimler is trying to pull here or just how stupid they think we all are…

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  1. Tuesday July 25, 2006 10:14 am

    In NYC, most would probably associate Dr. Z with Dr. Zizmor, the subway-advertising skin doc:

    At any rate, DC’s Dr. Z is no “un-pimp zee auto” dude.

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