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Lincoln Drops Mark Nomenclature: Too Confusing…

Monday July 24, 2006

It would appear that Lincoln has decided to drop the semi-alphanumeric nomenclature system they had adopted a brief time ago, where models were to be named Mk (Mark) followed by a letter, such as MkZ, MkS and MkX.

This decision was made after they apparently got many complaints from people who thought that the naming system they had adopted, with every model being Mk, pronounced Mark, followed by a letter, was much too confusing. Oh the irony! So, what did they decide was the logical thing to do in such a situation? Naturally, the only thing you can do to render people less confused is to change the naming system for the second time in six months.

While not a major change, as it only pertains to the citing each of each letter rather than the mark designation, it’s quite the baffling one. Lincoln mostly had real names for most of their models throughout the years, with the exception of the Mark designation which has been used in the past. Keeping that in mind, the Mark names actually made sense and were somewhat of a welcomed move among many, but the latest twist turns these into generic alphanumeric names.

The 2007 Lincoln MKZ

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