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Chrysler Group’s New Strategy: Focus on Efficiency

Thursday August 10, 2006

The same automaker that brought us the return of V8 to mainstream passenger cars and which brought back its performance line of Hemi engines (and has been sticking these Hemis in practically everything) has decided it may be time for a change. Wise choice, in my opinion.

Starting this year, Chrysler Group will put a focus on fuel efficiency with all new vehicles that it launches; this includes the new family on engines that they are currently working on. There will also be an increase in technologies and capabilities such as FlexFuel: a capability that allows an engine to run on regular gasoline, or E85 which is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. 

Ten per cent of Chrysler Group vehicles produced over the past eight years are flex-fuel capable; today, there are 1.5 million ethanol-capable Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles in service. In 2007, the company will produce 250,000 more, and in 2008, will double the number to 500,000. Starting next year, the company will install bright yellow fuel caps on all FFVs, as General Motors currently does, to let customers know at a glance that it is flex-fuel capable. The FFV vehicles will also be badged as such.

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