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Camaro to be built in Canada

Monday August 21, 2006

As was the case in the past, it appears that the new Camaro will be Canadian built as well.

GM has chosen Oshawa Ontario as the location in which the reborn legend will be built. This is also yet more good news for the Oshawa plant, who was going to be the victim of cutbacks as a result of recent tough times for the General; with this news and recent success of GM’s midsized sedans, however, things are looking better.

In connection to this, GM is also expected to announce their decision to modernize its Oshawa plant: they wish to turn the plant into a flexible manufacturing facility capable of churning out 500,000 vehicles on a rear-drive platform and basic chassis. Specifically, what they wish to build is the Zeta platform cars which will start with the Camaro and could eventually include the Impala, Lucerne and DTS, sources said.

GM’s target for the Camaro is apparently approximately 100,000 units, once production is fully underway.

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  1. Wednesday January 10, 2007 5:37 am

    I will be the first S.O.B to pick the ’09 Camaro up. BELIEVE ME.

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