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F1 Promises One More USGP

Monday August 21, 2006

After a few major incidents and fiascoes in the last few years, there was much speculation about the future of the Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Indy. This was probably all fueled by the conflicts that erupted after each “problem” and a long feud between F1 management and USGP organizers.

However, a deal will guarentee that there is still a Formula One race in Indianapolis for at least one more year. There are no guarantees at all being made for anything beyond that point, however, but there will be one last race at the very least.

After last’s years pulling-out of 7/10 teams, due to Michelin tires that they (the affected teams) questioned the safety of, the future of F1 racing on American soil was very doubtful. But, as the result of a deal between both parties, the contract was extended by one year.

Why so short? Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony George does not want to do a longer deal. He says that he wants such a short deal because of the fact that “F1 still has too many unanswered questions”, referring to the latest political instability in the management of the sport.

Major changes are coming for 2008, but it isn’t quite clear yet as to what will change and what impact it will have on Formula One racing as a whole; George wants more information regarding all of that before he can make any further commitments to F1.

However, himself, the Indy Speedway and the city of Indianapolis would all love to see F1 stay, if possible.

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