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Ghosn, Ghosn, Gone…

Monday December 4, 2006

So after being blown-off by GM, who was merely entertaining Kerkorian in the first place, Renault-Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn suddenly feels that he’s some kind of car gos that’ll come and save one of “The Big Three” suddenly, huh? A quick glance at the news ever since the GM-Nissan thing, there have been rumours of a takeover of Ford by Ghosn and at the present time, there are even rumors that Chrysler is up for sale and could be taken over by Nissan (of course, Carlos denies this).

The most shocking though has got to be how Ghosn speaks of possibly forming an Alliance with a U.S. automaker “when the time is right” and “once they and their shareholders are ready”. It’s as if he seriously thought they needed him to come in and save them and as if GM’s refusal was a mistake; then again, if you listened to the reports following that rejection from GM, they were saying that they felt that GM wouldn’t be worth it. Funny though how GM was bringing more to the table and was the one who actually pulled-out.

He mentions himself that rather than trying to form an alliance, he will be focusing on bringing Nissan back on track. Though, I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they were seeking another partner to join their exisiting alliance to begin with. Nah, this was just a rescue mission to save GM… Ha! Keep telling yourself that and it just might come true…

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