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nuconcept-watermarkCrubs&Fents is a web-based media outlet which was founded in April 2006. This website serves the purpose of presenting you with as neutral a view of all things and a different perspective from the mainstream media. Rather than favoritism, advertiser influence or fear of repercussions, this site and its author(s) answer to one, nor to they depend on ad revenue. Therefore, the result is what we hope to be commentary and articles which are the truth, unfiltered and unbiased. We try and tell it like it is: cut straight to the facts, with no excuses or added spin.


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As the slogan states: It’s “a different perspective…”

What you will generally find here is commentary on current events or issues in the world, by people who know and love cars. It’s as simple as that… Rather than claiming to present the truth, but tinting stories with out own bias, we will step back, leave our preferences aside and give you our take, as best as we can piece it together. We will also often give attention to what the rest of the media lets slip through the cracks: the news that does not make the big headlines.




Denis C: is a university student, majoring in English Literatures at Mount Allison University. He hails from the Eastern Canadian city of Moncton New Brunswick. On top of this, he is an amateur writer. His writing styles are mostly of the journalistic kind (journalism, not in a journal… though, that too!), short stories, and has lately entered the little niche of playwright, as well. Though he likes to consider himself some kind of word artist, he has no delusions of grandeur: he is not a professional by any means, at least so far, and though aspiring to launch a career in the world of journalism. So far, his works can be found mostly around the internet, because we all have to start somewhere, and what a better outlet to begin with in this wonderful digital age of ours?

With an open mind, good common sense and critical thinking, he has no trouble bringing the world to you from his perspective and making his voice heard.



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