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Change of Plans: C&F Expands!

Monday December 1, 2008

I have recently found myself running out of ideas and running low on inspiration as to things to write related to the automotive industry. As much as I enjoy cars, there is no fun in me to look at the barrage of articles about the demise of the American auto industry, bailouts, etc. I also often find myself wanting to write about something else, but can’t because this is supposed to be about cars only… Therefore, I am changing Crubs&Fents to include ALL my journalistic/editorial/op-ed kind of writing, no matter the subject!


LaNeve: Changing the Perception of GM, One Customer at a Time

Thursday November 20, 2008

In the latest post on the GM fastLane Blog, Mark LaNeve, VP of Sales and Marketing at GM sends a message to those involved in the bailout discussions that seem out of touch with the reality surrounding the situation of the Big Three (especially GM) today and who instead seem to argue with misconceptions and outright lies. But, he does much more than just call them out on their questionable behaviour.

He then goes on to formulate a rebuttal of practically every argument that is typically being used against them, by those who do not support the idea of a bailout. ¬†Fact checking shows that what he says is true, as well… The main idea is, 30 years ago is 30 years and today is today: those complaining about poor quality are typically basing their “argument” on product from 2-3+ decades ago, or simply going by what they’ve heard. Read more…

Industry-Wide Turbulence: Toyota in Trouble

Thursday November 20, 2008

Photo by Chris 73

With the economy tumbling downwards worldwide and Japan entering its own recession, Toyota is seen beginning to feel some credit crunch, much like the Big Three. While toyota still hasn’t much to worry about and isn’t at the point of panic, this shows that they can, will and are feeling the effects as well, to some extent, and that they are not/will not be immune to this economic downturn.

With a lower credit rating, they will now be subjected to higher lending costs and may have a harder time to obtain financing, which is part of the financial struggle currently plaguing Ford, GM and Chrysler. Read more…

Pontiac Updates G6

Wednesday November 19, 2008

Hitting dealer lots in January of 2009, the updated (MY 2009.5) Pontiac G6 is essentially updated from its position as the oldest of the currently existing Epsilons to matching the Malibu in terms of equipment/amenities and arguably even in design. This new G6 goes a long way in refreshing the Pontiac midsize sedan.

Read more…

Bailout pt. 2: 50 MPG, 2 Standards, 1 Senseless Proposal

Tuesday November 18, 2008

More news related to the possible bailout of the US auto industry seems to suggest that the US federal government is either putting on a charade, or truly out of touch with reality in regards to the situation of the automotive industr, past, present and future. Latest comments from a senator aren’t exactly encouraging, in both that the possibility of any aid seems to be fading with every passing day, and in that there appears to be some kind of contempt for GM, Ford and Chrysler among the member of the US congress and senate. Either that, or those involved in the decision making are truly ignorant to both the realities of auto manufacturing and the situation/history of the Big Three.

Read more…

“Bailouts:” Of Priorities and Principles…

Monday November 17, 2008

There is much debate going on in the US over the potential bailout of their own auto industry. They seem to be very conflicted over whether or not they should go through with any kind of bailout or just let them suffer supposed consequences of their ways. If they are given the loans that they request, they are then capable of retooling factories for product consolidation over the world, among other things, which would relieve them of some of their cost burden. Of course, letting them possibly fail requires no effort at all, but millions of people will be out of their job, many other companies could fail (suppliers, for example) and the country will incur a number of issues from the added unemployment and the economical damage done.

While this doesn’t seem to rattle them too much, as progress is moving along at a snail’s pace, it is odd to see that Opel, on the other hand, as a subsidiary of GM is going to receive some sort of government aid package from the German government. Now, why would the German government by fully willing to help-out Opel, as a German automaker wholly owned by General Motors, but the American government be so reluctant to aid the parent company, which is the either the largest or second largest automaker in both the US and the world?

Read more…

CRUBS&FENTS RELAUNCHED: New content, new look, new logo, new slogan…

Wednesday November 12, 2008

Yes, the site has been relaunched, as you can see! I am pleased to announce that there will once again be regular posts made to this blog. Granted, I am alone and also have other things to do (studies and whatnot) I will be making an effort to post to Crubs&Fents as often as I possibly can. I’m not entirely sure how often that will be, but there will be new posts every once in a while.

To the left of this text, you should see the new logo of the site: Gone are the abstract crub (curb) and fents (fence) and a C, F and arrow have taken their place. Why? I’ve decided to go with something much simpler and cleaner in design, as for the arrow, it has a “forward looking/thinking” kind of meaning to it. I think it’s a big improvement.

That’s all I have for now. New post coming soon!

-Denis C